Chicago Cubs (baseball) – Sustainability report 2021

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Every Major League Baseball (MLB) team has committed to some form of environmental actions including the Chicago Cubs.

With more than 69 million spectators attending these games each year, these tangible conservation efforts do make a difference in reducing carbon footprints and of course, more can be done across the board.


  • Waste Management (1 point):
    – In 2010, the team partnered with Solo Cup Company, Allied Waste, Free Green Can and Levy Restaurants to introduce the “Real Fans Recycle” program at Wrigley Field.   Through the program, fans could deposit plastic cups at specially marked recycling containers located both in and outside the stadium. The plastic cups were then recycled into a variety of products. In addition, fans are using 100% recycled napkins, compostable plates and cutlery.  The program was expected to divert roughly 165,000 pounds of cardboard and plastic material from the waste stream annually, saving an estimated 2,180 cubic yards of landfill space.
  • Water use efficiency (1 point):
    – As reported in the Summer 2014 issue of Smart Solutions, Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs specified Illinois-based Sloan Valve Company’s plumbing systems for its spring training facility in Mesa, AZ. Sloan, the world’s leading manufacturer of intelligent water solutions, will help the Cubs expand their ongoing sustainability efforts and improve the fan experience at Sloan Park and at Wrigley Field. Sloan’s expertise in water efficiency will help the Cubs reduce their overall environmental impact—especially important in drought-prone areas such as Arizona.
  • Clean energy (3 points):
    – Engie Resources, which claims to be the third-largest non-residential competitive retail renewable electricity provider in the United States — announced on August 23, 2016, that it has entered into a multi-year electricity supply contract to power Wrigley Field, home of Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs. As part of the agreement, both Engie Resources and its small commercial and residential brand, Think Energy, will share in the designation as the team’s official electricity supplier. “As we searched for competitive energy prices for Wrigley Field and our other facilities, ENGIE Resources emerged as the clear choice for becoming the team’s official power provider,” said Cubs senior vice president of strategy and ballpark operations Alex Sugarman, adding, “Doing business with an industry leader like Engie Resources ensures we can capitalize on the most economic market opportunities for electricity.”
    – The Cubs “green game” is also powered by Green-e certified RECs which represent the environmental benefits of electricity generated by wind, solar or other renewable power facilities.
  • Communication & engagement on sustainability (0.5 point):
    – Environmental pledge page on the Cubs’ website.

    In addition: The Cubs also stated it will execute a number of green and sustainability initiatives during the 1060 Project. Some of the activities will include:
    – Reducing water usage through more efficient appliances and fixtures.
    -Transporting construction debris to recycling centres.
    – Using recycled materials where possible.
    – Employing the use of construction materials harvested and manufactured within 500 miles of the job site where possible, to reduce transportation emissions and support the local economy.
    – Installing energy-efficient hot water systems with energy management controls.
    – Installing energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for suites, the player clubhouse and other club spaces.
    – Using low volatile organic compound paints, adhesives, carpets and flooring, to improve indoor air quality in the ballpark.
    – Pursuing renewable energy credits in obtaining electrical services.

– Sustainable transportation.
– Single-use plastic reduction.
– Plant-based / low carbon food.
– Energy efficiency
– Carbon footprint offsetting.

Climate Action Advice: We encourage the MLB Chigoca Cub to take more climate actions in the area of Sustainable Transportation, Single-Use Plastic Reduction, Low Carbon Food, and Energy Efficiency.

Clean energy – 3 points.
Water use efficiency – 1 point.
Communication & engagement on sustainability – 0.5 points.
Waste management – 1 point.

Visit the Afrigod Sustainability Table to see Chicago Cubs’ position.

NB: Information sourced directly from Chicago Cubs’ website and third party sites. Information was well investigated by Afrigod’ sports and sustainability experts.
Information updated May 18th, 2021.

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