Juventus FC – Sustainability report 2021

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Now, with every goal scored by Juventus players, 200 new trees will be planted by the club generating a positive impact for our planet.

Now, every Juventus goal will mean much, much more. The action of each goal won’t just end on the pitch, as the club makes a new commitment to the environment, to make the world a better place as every goal scored by the Bianconeri will in fact represent 200 new trees planted by the club, generating a positive impact for our planet.

The football club is the first Italian football club to sign the United Nations framework convention (UNFCCC Sport for Climate Action) international treaty on the fight against climate change. It is also the first Italian football club to join the “Climate Neutral Now” initiative devised in 2015 by the United Nations, which invites everyone – companies, organisations and individuals – to be more aware of their impact on the environment and to act voluntarily to measure, reduce and offset their greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Waste Management (0.5 points):
    – The football club stated it has collected a total number of 13244 non-hazardous waste and 640 hazardous waste from the stadium.
  • Energy Efficiency (2 points):
    – The club has had an Energy Manager since 2015. The Energy Manager holds UNI CEI 11339 certification as an Expert in Energy Management and has been appointed, in accordance with Law 10/91, at FIRE (Italian Federation for the Rational Use of Energy), which supports Juventus in the development of energy projects – such as energy diagnostics in compliance with Legislative Decree 102/2014 – and in activities for the implementation of an Energy Management procedure.
    – In September 2019, the Allianz Stadium became the first stadium in Italy to obtain the ISO 14001 environmental certification, after an investigation about Its compliance with the legislation in force and of the adequacy of the environmental policy implemented.
    – Juventus continued to replace the lighting system throughout the entire stadium area with LED lamps. This allows a reduction in consumption as well as a future reduction in maintenance, replacement and disposal costs.
  • Clean Energy (1 point):
    – Since the 18/19 season, 100% of the electricity purchased by Juventus has come from renewable sources.
    (NB: Afrigod has not been able to verify the source of Juventus electricity because there is no concrete data about it from the football club).
  • Carbon footprints offsetting (2 points):
    – Since the 2019/2020 season, Juventus has also begun to report its carbon footprint: this action represents the Club’s commitment to managing its CO2 emissions. As a first step in this process, Juventus will fully compensate for its Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions through carbon offsetting.
    – 200 new trees to be planted for every goal scored by the football club players.

– Sustainable transportation.
– Single-use plastic reduction.
– Plant-based / low carbon food.
– Water use efficiency.

Climate Action Advice: We encourage Juventus FC to take more climate actions in the area of Sustainable Transportation, Single-Use Plastic Reduction, Low Carbon Food, and Water Use Efficiency.

Carbon footprint offsetting – 2 points.
Clean energy – 1 point.
Energy efficiency – 2 points.
Communication & engagement on sustainability – 0.5 points.
Waste management – 0.5 points.

Visit the Afrigod Sustainability Table to see Juventus’ position.

NB: Information sourced directly from Juventus’ website and third party sites. Information was well investigated by Afrigod’ sports and sustainability experts.
Information updated May 17th, 2021.

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