New England Patriots VS Washington Wizards – SUSTAINABILITY LEAGUE

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Hello Washington Wizards,

Allow me to welcome you to the Afrigod Sport Sustainability League. For many years, the world has been experiencing an increase in global temperature which has led to more frequent and intense drought, storms, heat waves, rising sea levels, melting glaciers and warming oceans; all of which has directly harm animals, destroy the places they live, and wreak havoc on people’s livelihoods and communities.

How quickly can we mitigate the climate crisis? Well, this is where Washington Wizards comes in. Sport organizations and their games attract millions and billions of people from across the world. A simple climate pledge, activity or action from any sport organization will have a positive significant impact to millions of people both on a local and international level which will greatly contribute towards a sustainable environment and clean climate. This is why we are hosting the Sustainability League, which is simply to help sport organizations like yours build a sustainability culture both in the clubs, fan-base and games.

You are special and the sport you do brings so much joy and excitement to millions of people across the world, but you can do more for our climate. We promise, it will be fun and exciting.

How is works

1.      A proposed sustainability pledge, activity or project by the sport team earns them a point (1 goal).

2.      Completing the pledge, activity or project earns the team 2 points (2 goals).

3.      Each sustainability pledge, activity or project should be made known to the public either by a press-release, blog post, articles or any other recognized public means (please share with us via

4.      All pledges, activity, or project should be completed within the period of the game (2 weeks).

5.      The team with the highest pledge, activity or project wins and proceeds to the next stage.

6.      The SS-League (Sustainability League) is simply here to assist in building a sustainability culture in every sport organization across the world.

Note: If Washington Wizards has made any sustainability pledge or activity in the past, please do let us know by sharing a link containing the pledge or activity. Also this is not an actual competition; the idea of having an opponent is just to make it look interesting just as it is in your games.

Sustainability League

Teams: New England Patriots (American Football) VS (Baseball) Washington Wizards.

Time: 3/8/2021 – 3/21/2021.


We hope you see the importance of the Afrigod Sport Sustainability League and how greatly it will impact our planet positively.  We are also here to support you in your sustainability journey as you grow to greater heights. Thank you.

Learn more about Afrigod Sport: Also feel free to share an email with us so we can invite you to our Slack Channel where you can meet and collaborate with other sport organizations on sustainability.

Spotlight of the week: Afrigod hosted the first ever Sport for Climate games in Nigeria!

The day-long football tournament on Saturday, November 28, featured four local teams — Goldenboyz FC, Divine Raiders FC, Nameless FC, and Workload NG — competing against one another. The event, organized in collaboration with We Don’t Have Time and the Swedish Association for Responsible Consumption, began with a local litter cleanup, followed by discussions about the climate. At the end of the day of matches, it was Divine Raiders FC who took home the winners’ cup. Read more HERE