Now we go (from champions league) to sustainability league!

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The first phase of the Afrigod Sports Sustainability League kicks off with 8 American sports clubs!

The Afrigod Sustainability League (SS-League) is a sustainability tournament between sports clubs. The goal is to create climate awareness and build sustainability readiness in every sports organization across the world.

Afrigod sustainability league
Sustainability League Fixture Table

Miguel Peters, founder of Afrigod stated during the Afrigod Sport for Climate games held in Lagos, Nigeria ”One of the key ways to mitigate the climate crisis is through sports because it is not only a game but also a lifestyle to millions and billions of people across the world”.

A simple climate pledge, activity, or action from any sports organization will have a positive significant impact on millions of people both on a local and international level which will greatly contribute towards a sustainable environment and clean climate.

And this is where the Sustainability league comes in. The first phase of the Sustainability League which will last for 3 weeks (3/8/2021 – 3/29/2021) has 8 sports clubs from the United States;

  • New England Patriots – American football.
  • Washington Wizards – Basketball.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – American football.
  • New York Yankees – Baseball.
  • Green Bay Packers – American football.
  • New York Red Bulls – Soccer.
  • California Golden Bears men’s basketball – Basketball.
  • Boston Red Sox – Baseball.
Miguel Peters, the founder of Afrigod, giving his opening speech at the Afrigod Sports for Climate games in Lagos, Nigeria.

How it works

  1. A proposed sustainability pledge, activity, or project by any sports team earns them a point (1 goal).
  2. Completing the pledge, activity or project earns the team 2 points (2 goals).
  3. Each sustainability pledge, activity, or project should be made known to the public either by a press release, blog post, articles, or any other recognized public means.
  4. All pledges, activities, or projects should be completed within the period of the game.
  5. The team with the highest pledge, activity, or project wins and proceed to the next stage.

The Sustainability League #SSLeague is simply here to promote and assist in building a sustainability culture in every sports organization across the world.

Note: This is not an actual competition; the idea of having an opponent is just to make it look interesting just as it is in sports games.

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